Friday, 15 March 2019

Arduino Day 2019

March 16 is Arduino Day 2019! With over 600 events in more than 100 countries, Arduino Day is meant to bring users together to share experiences and learn more about the open source platform.

The schedule of official events, including a live stream of an 'Ask Me Anything' with Arduino co-founder Massimo Banzi from company headquarters in Milan, can be found here:

And you can follow along on twitter via the #ArduinoD19 hashtag.

Actuonix + Arduino

Actuonix has a full line-up of Arduino-compatible linear actuators and servos. Our R-Series actuators have been designed specifically to work with the Arduino Servo Library and are available in a full compliment of stroke lengths and gearing options.

For more on our Arduino-compatible products vistit the Actuonix Website.

Need help getting started?We have compiled resources to help you get started with adding motion to your next Arduino-based project, which you can find here: