Thursday, 16 March 2017

Micro Linear Actuator Heavy Duty Lifting

We recently put together a series of videos demonstrating the lifting capabilities of our PQ12, L16 and P16 series actuators. We loaded them down under weight that was significant and close to their max rated forces. As those videos become available on YouTube, they will be added to this blog post.

It's important to note that since our actuators are powered by DC motors, the closer you get to the max rated force of the device, the lower the lifespan will be. We recommend a 20% duty cycle for all of our devices. if you're planning to operate the actuator more than 20% at a force that is above the peak efficiency point, you should consider moving up to a more powerful model or a higher gear ratio to avoid premature wear on the actuator.

This first video is our L16-S with 15:1 gearing. We're lifting 35lbs plus the weight of the chain and as you can see, it handles the weight just fine. As this is a higher gear ratio, the device moves slower than some of our models.

The L16 is the big brother to our standard line of micro linear actuators, the L12. It offers higher forces and faster speeds. The L16 is physically larger than the L12 to accommodate a larger motor. If you have a project that requires a compact device and forces above what our L12 line can achieve, the L16 is the actuator for you.

You can find our full line of L16 Miniature Linear Actuators here.

Next up is our smallest linear actuator, the PQ12-S. It's overloaded here. It's max rated force is 11lbs and this is about 12lbs with the 10lb dumbbell and the weight of the chain. The PQ12 weighs in at an incredible 15g and is small enough to fit inside a tic tac box.

This particular model has the 100:1 gear ratio and doesn't struggle beneath the load at all. This device is perfect for applications that require a lot of force in a tiny space without extra weight.

You can find our full line of Tiny PQ12 Actuators here.

This is the heavy lifter of the bunch, the P16 Mini Linear Actuator. This model has 256:1 gearing giving it a maximum force of 67lbs. There's a total of just over 50lbs here so it's well under what it's capable of.

The P16 rod actuator and T16 track actuators are the best choice for any application that requires serious force combined with light weight and small size. At less than $100, there's no better actuator value out there!

You can find our full line of P16 Linear Actuators here.

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